Sensors for every monitoring necessity

  • Temperature: a range of Pt100 sensors covering temperatures down to -200°C and up to +250°C. Different models for culture vessels, incubators, refrigerators, freezers and surfaces such as heated microscopes.
  • CO₂ and O₂: vital for IVF and other applications of CO₂ and triple gas incubators. Single sensors or the unique IKS 16-channel CO₂ and O₂ substations with automatic sampling and calibration.
  • Pressure: differential pressure transmitters to monitor ambient pressure in clean rooms, etc.
  • Humidity: to measure Relative Humidity in CO₂ incubators or clean rooms.
  • Particles: particle counters for clean rooms or biosafety areas.
  • Door sensors: in case an incubator or refrigerator is left open.
  • Conductivity: for water purity.
  • Shaking: to monitor thrombocyte shakers, etc.
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