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Fulya IVF Lab

In close cooperation with its local distributor Gonagen, IKS International supplied the equipment and XiltriX monitoring system in of of the most pretigious IVF labs of the world in Istanbul Turkey. The laboratory uses the IVS-9000GC triple gas incubators, INB-203 cooled incubators, IMC-20A portable incubators and cooling equipment.

All of this equipment is being meticulously monitored by XiltriX. Not only temperature, is being monitored, but also the CO₂ and O₂ concentration. Also door movements and the status of the cryo banks is continuously watched over. With this form of 'total control' IKS International with XiltriX can truly say 'We help you sleep at night!'

The sample storage and security system recently commissioned at the new BAHCECI Fulya IVF centre in Istanbul has been commended by the centre’s lead embryologist, Dr Nadir Ciray. The system, supplied by IKS International in a joint project with their Turkish distributors Gonagen, includes 17 IKS controlledatmosphere incubators (CO₂/O₂ and CO₂), integrated with IKS’ state-of-the art XiltriX® monitoring, logging and alarm system. Dr Ciray described the central role played by XiltriX in his laboratory: “It has only been a few months since I have been using the XiltriX system and the IKS incubators but their performance has been fantastic. I think the XiltriX system is a must for all embryology laboratories because it gives you so much confidence about your equipment and the environmental conditions of your samples. In my lab, I monitor the CO₂ and O₂ levels in all the incubators, and their temperatures, and the open or closed status of the doors. The XiltriX® system is calibrated against a standard gas mixture to ensure that the oxygen concentration in my incubators is accurately measured and controlled. I also monitor the surface temperature of the ICSI microscopes and the laminar flow cabinets. The level of liquid nitrogen in my sample storage vessels is also under control. My XiltriX system even measures the temperature and the positive differential pressure in the laboratory itself. A red light in the lab warns us of any problems during the day and throughout the evening and night the system is connected to our cell phones. “I have observed better embryo development (at both cleavage and blastocyst stages) since I have been using the XiltriX system and the IKS incubators. The IKS incubators that I use in my lab are the 33 litre IVS- 9000 series from IKS, but the XiltriX system can be adapted to other incubators as well. I am very satisfied with the IKS incubators and the XiltriX system and I recommend them to any IVF lab.

Dr. Nadir Ciray, lead embryologist of the Fulya IVF laboratory

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