Image of DS-1 Benchtop CO₂/O₂ incubators (IVF)

DS-1 Benchtop CO₂/O₂ incubators (IVF)

Benchtop incubators with 4 or 10 separate chambers

  • benchtop incubator with 2, 4 or 10 separate chambers
  • the only benchtop incubator compatible with XiltriX with 10x temperature sensor and CO₂ and O₂ sensors built-in
  • very low gas usage
  • very high temperature accuracy with 10 separate controllers
  • heating of every chamber individually
  • very quick recovery times
  • does not need mix-gas, pre-mix chamber built-in
  • optional pre-mix version available
  • built-in pre-heating chamber with optional gassing (10 chamber only)
  • optional humidifcation per chamber
  • gas purge indication
  • easily to use touchscreen with real-time graph
  • timer and patient number function
  • can be supplied with adaptors for every brand of dish
  • very competitively priced
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