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IKS International is a growing, innovative company from the Netherlands, specialising in integrated real-time monitoring solutions in clinical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and microbiology laboratories world-wide.

The company delivers integrated, total laboratory solutions ranging from quality equipment to consultancy, calibration and validation services. IKS International has its own development and manufacturing division whose range of products is distributed worldwide. The flagship of this range is the XiltriX® data logging, monitoring and alarm system.

XiltriX® is the result of more than 20 years of continuous in-house development, and has become the market leader in its home market and now has an expanding distributor network and user base outside Europe.

Many well-known international brands of laboratory equipment are represented on an exclusive basis by IKS International. A comprehensive Instrument Calibration Service offers traceable, fully accredited calibration for a wide range of instruments and sensors, backed by an in-house service operation with a full range of service and maintenance options.

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IKS triple gas incubators with Eeva™ in Norway
IKS International is proud to announce the successful installation of two IVS-9000GC triple gas incubators with integrated Eeva™ system in the IVF laboratory of Medicus in Trondheim, Norway.
IKS International installs XiltriX In Saudi Arabia
IKS International is proud to announce it has expanded its distributor network into Saudi Arabia.
IVF benchtop incubator with most accurate temperature and gas regulation

The DS-1 benchtop incubator is the first incubator in the world that combines an extremely accurate temperature regulation with per chamber controller with an equally accurate gas mixer.

IKS International at ESHRE 2015 in Lisbon
ESHRE 2015 is only a few months away.
New office IKS Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.
We are happy to announce that at this moment our colleagues in India are moving into our new office, located at Cunningham Road in Bangalore.
Office hours Thursday 18 December 2014 and during Christmas and the turn of the year
With only a week before it is Christmas we would like to inform you that our offices in The Netherlands and Belgium will be closed on 25th and 26th of December 2014 and on the 1st of January 2015.
IKS International at ASRM Hawaii 2014
In 2014 IKS International finally made the big step to show its products for the American market at the ASRM show in Hawaii.
IKS International joins Economic Trade mission India with Dutch government

Today, the 4th of November 2014, we started with the official kick off of the trade mission with the business delegation in India, New Delhi.

IVF Spain symposium in Alicante great success
From the 28th to the 30th of September 2014, IKS International has taken part in the symposium "New Developments in IVF Technologies".
IKS International exhibiting at ASRM in Honolulu
For the first time in its history, IKS International will exhibit at ASRM in Honolulu.
ESHRE 2014; Big success for IKS International
Also on this year's ESHRE show in Munich, IKS International has presented its new line of IVF specialist solutions.
ESHRE 2014; Integrated housing with incubator, XiltriX and The Eeva System™
On ESHRE 2014 in Munich, IKS International is showing its integrated housing for the IVF market.
Quiron IVF Zaragoza uses IVS-9000GC incubators + XiltriX + EEVA™
In close cooperation with Auxogyn, IKS International has installed 2 pieces of IVS-9000GC triple gas incubators in the Quiron Hospital IVF laboratory in Zaragoza.
IKS International sponsors Radboud University Nijmegen
IKS International has had a strong connection with the Radboud University and Radboud Medical University Hospital.
IKS International launches new portable CO₂ incubator
After the big succes of the IMC-20A, IKS International has launched the improved version on the portable CO₂ incubator; the INB-203M.
IKS International at ESHRE 2014
Just a few more months and the annual meeting of ESHRE will start, this year held in Munich Germany.
IKS International at Laborama 2014
This year also, IKS International will have a booth at Laborama, the trade show for Laboratory Professionals.
Office closed on 25th of February 2014
Our office will be closed on the 25th of February due to our team building day.
Opening hours IKS Office during Christmas and the turn of the year
With only a week before it is Christmas we would like to inform you that our office in The Netherlands will be closed on 25th and 26th of December 2013 and on the 1st of January 2014.
IKS International finalizes new XiltriX project in Apollo Hospitals Chennai
IKS International is proud to report it has finished the first part of the installtion of the Apollo Hospital XiltriX system.
IKS International India sales force thoroughly trained
On May 3rd 2013 there was a exciting atmosphere at the IKS Healthcare India office in Bangalore.
IKS International at Laborama 2013

IKS International was present with its own booth again at Laborama 2013.

Festive opening of the new Bangalore Office
On February 14th 2013 the office of IKS International in Bangalore was festively opened with a launch party in the Leela Palace Hotel's main banquet hall.
Bio Asia 2013 huge success
Since the launch in Q4 2012 of its full subsidiary in India, IKS Healthcare India Pvt Ltd, IKS International has seen a spectacular growth of interest in it products and solutions.
IKS International launches new XiltriX wireless Telesto
With pride IKS International has launched the latest version of it succesfull XiltriX wireless substation Telesto.
Anniversary of IKS International
On Saturday the 27th of 2012, IKS International celebrated the company's 5 year anniversary in Rosmalen HQ.
Anicell CO₂ incubator with built in shaking platforms shakes up the market

IKS International has launched the Anicell CO₂ incubator with 3 built in shaking platforms.

New mini shaker with remote control for CO₂ incubators

IKS International has launched the INB-101SRC mini shaker with remote control for CO₂ incubators.

Do Belgian hospital pharmacies have to prepare their medicines inside clean rooms?
In October 2008, PIC/S published a new version of the manual for GMP inspectors.
New Particle Counter Extends Scope of Lab Monitoring
IKS International have now added airborne particles to the parameters that can be monitored by their market-leading XiltriX® real-time laboratory monitoring system.
New Flexibility in Laboratory Monitoring
In a new venture, IKS International, the Netherlands based laboratory monitoring specialist and equipment supplier, has stepped outside its science comfort zone to set up a motorcycle racing team.
Incubators give Maximum Security with Minimum Gas Usage
Incubators give Maximum Security with Minimum Gas Usage The IVS-9000GC & IVS-9160GC triple gas incubators from IKS (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) have been praised by IVF users not only for their performance but also for their very low CO₂ and N₂ consumption.

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